After School Program Description

IES offers foreign language classes at school sites as after or before school enrichment programs in addition to our in curriculum program. IES hires and trains the teachers, provides the registration flyers bundled by your class size, collects tuition and manages student registrations, and provides all student materials.  All you need to do is provide us with a room at your school and a school calendar!   Contact us today for more information on how to start an after or before school program at your school.


A day in the life of an IES after school class…


Imagine a group of 6-12 students participating in a series of events in a foreign language being led by a dynamic, energetic group leader (teacher) that gives all directions in the foreign language. 


The teacher greets them in the foreign language at the door, and invites them individually sit in the conversation circle.


The children begin to sing the “greeting song” as the teacher joins the group.  The teacher then begins showing flash cards of the alphabet and numbers.  For review, the teacher shows posters from the book, and the children respond with action sentences.


Directions are given in the foreign language and following the IES Six-Step teaching process, an entire series of game activities, utilizing visual aids depicting the learning objectives in the book for the month ensues.  If any student needs the teacher’s attention, that student will raise his or her hand and say “excuse me” in the foreign language.


Games will be played!  Songs will be sung!  Collective rewards will be given!  After 55 minutes have passed, the teacher groups the children in the conversation circle to give instructions for home study and to wish each other a fond good-bye for the week through song.