Why Choose IES

Choose IES for our Methodology!

The IES method  introduces children to new foreign languages at a young age utilizing the same natural process in which the mother tongue was acquired.  Our six step process accomplishes the repetition necessary for learning a new language through engaging activities.  We teach language as a whole, the language is never broken apart into nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.  Children are capable of learning songs and poems with actions before actually speaking in sentences.


Choose IES for our Languages Offered!

Which language will you pick?  Our most popular are Spanish and Mandarin, but we also offer Hindi, French, Arabic, German, Japanese, and Russian.


Choose IES for our Teachers!

IES teachers are the best you’ll find!  We look for experienced teachers who are native speakers so they can also share their cultural background with their students. Take a look at some of the fantastic teachers who teach IES classes around the San Francisco Bay Area.


Give your child the gift that lasts a lifetime.  Choose IES today!