In Curriculum Program Description

Many schools offer our program as part of their regular curriculum.  Students in our program through 8th grade, often start high school in Spanish 2 or 3!  We provide everything needed to include a foreign language in your K-8 school.  This includes the teacher, materials, and grading.  All we need is a classroom!  Most schools choose to meet 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes each, or 1-2 times per week for 1 hour each.  As each school is different, our in curriculum program is flexible, adjusting easily to your school’s structure, schedule, and language needs.

A day in the life of an IES in curriculum class…


Imagine a class of 20-35 students.  Class size is determined by the school for in curriculum classes.


95% of the class is conducted in the target language.  The teacher greets the students by word or by song in the target language and the students respond.


A student led conversation ensues, utilizing and reviewing the vocabulary learned in recent classes.  This could be the month, date, year, weather, etc., while the teacher walks around the room giving points for any homework given.


Games, activities, poems, drama, and songs are used to make the language come alive.  These are carefully selected by our teacher to both maximize the learning outcomes and to make the learning process fun for children.  Team activities are used for reviewing prior lessons and to introduce the new lessons.


The 6 steps of the IES Methodology of Language Acquisition recreate a process of language acquisition which is similar to the way children learn their primary language.  By design, we do not include rote memorization, paper-pencil testing and translating.  These tend to work against the natural language acquisition process.  Listening and speaking are emphasized in an IES classroom!  We’ve integrated our 6 Step Process into a carefully designed sequence of enjoyable, engaging and interactive activities that children love. 


Class closes with a song using the learned curriculum of the day after homework has been assigned.  Teacher and students bid each other good-bye in the target language!