The IES Methodology

IESMethodology-Circles-370pxWide Research shows that children have a greater capacity to learn and maintain language acquisition than adult learners.
The IES method introduces children to new foreign languages at a young age utilizing the same natural process in which the mother tongue was learned.  Our methodology is a process of gradual immersion removing dependence on the mother tongue very naturally.  

Our six step process accomplishes the repetition necessary for learning a new language. Through engaging activities, the language is kept alive and active.  Additional games, songs, poems, and riddles are utilized for the children’s enjoyment and reinforcement.  

We teach language as a whole.  The language is never broken apart into nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.  IES follows the natural language acquisition process of hear, listen, comprehend, imitate, speak, read, write, and then, study the grammar.  In maintaining this wholeness, the language is never separated from its culture.   With the IES method, children first communicate in single words, progressing to very simple sentences, and finally complex sentences.  The children are capable of learning songs and poems with motion before actually speaking in sentences.   At some point, a transformation occurs, and progress from this point happens quickly when learning with IES!