IES Materials

IESMaterials-Circles-370pxWide IES teaching system and materials were developed by Diane Levitan, President and Founder, and emphasize an oral approach to language acquisition. We develop all of our programs with children in mind.
Burbujita  books are coloring books with pictures that tell a story. The story is told to the children, there are no printed words in the books. This is the best way to begin learning a language. The story is about the little bubble, “Burbujita”, that floats into a garden and lands behind “Popo” the mushroom. The little bubble meets many friends in the garden and has many adventures throughout the series. There is one rascal in the story named “Tito el Mosquito” who tries to pop Burbujita, but she is saved by the ants that put a cork on Tito’s nose.

Hello Big Tree  gradually immerses the children in the language. The story is told in picture form. The main character in this story is the big apple tree, “Arbolote”.  But this is no ordinary tree; it is a magical talking tree that grew in a little boy’s backyard. The boy’s name is “Pepe”. The tree speaks many languages and so do the little animals that live in the tree – Samuelito Ardilla, and Pajaro Azul. All the neighborhood children come to play in Pepe’s backyard after school to see Arbolote. With these little talking animals, the child is gradually immersed in the language through all of their activities.

The Adventures of TQ2  is our space odyssey. The series guides the child through the story and helps them with the interactive activities. The main character in the series is TQ2, a robot that comes to earth from an imaginary planet with his sidekick “Atal”. He meets and becomes friends with two earth children. TQ2 is programmed to do many things, but there is always one thing in each book that he cannot do.

Trouble at Cucumber Creek  leads the child through many basic foundations in conversation as well as increases vocabulary. This series is about a family of frogs that live in a pond at Cucumber Creek. The pond is in danger of being flooded from the north and the wise old grandfather frog comes to warn the frogs that live in the town of Cucumber Pond.

The CAT Adventure  series is for new or continuing students.  CAT focuses on basic foundation skills in the language. In this series, two main character cats participate in the famous bike races in Europe and one of the main characters win. They make friends with other cats entering the race from other countries. Through many obstacles, they encounter much vocabulary, and many phrases are developed. The students are exposed to the culture of the country through this exposure to these famous bike races. This is an enjoyable series for students.

An Adventure Abroad  guides children through the language and the culture by following the story of exchange students. Interactive activities help the child utilize the language. In this series, American children experience the wonders and excitement of travel in a foreign country. They become enamored with their host families and develop an appreciation for another language and culture. They experience many emotions – sadness, homesickness, fear, loneliness, awkwardness, happiness, excitement, and appreciation. They return to their homes in the US with a greater appreciation for the world outside of the US.

Mystery in Springtown  is for continuing children who have completed one level or series prior to this series. The series increases conversational skills, vocabulary, and begins the reading and writing process in the second language. This story is a mystery about a mayor of Springtown that disappears. The children are concerned because he is 70 years old and absent minded. The children follow the clues and search for the mayor.

Spanish for Young  Adults  is a very culturally oriented series and introduces reading and writing. The characters are American and Hispanic children that become friends and learn about each other’s cultures. The American children visit the Spanish speaking countries of the world with the Hispanic family. They learn the language and culture and have many adventures. 

Omo the Cave Boy  is mainly used as a continuing series for children that have had previous exposure to the language. The main character is a young cave boy named “Omo”, who has many adventures in prehistoric times. The child learns through a comparison of modern and prehistoric times. To further the interest in this age group, Omo acquires a girlfriend named “Rama”.